note_5_render_2If the rumors are to be believed, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is expected to be launched on the 12th of August. However as to what the phone looks like, we have only see early CAD renderings in the past, but thanks to the folks at PhoneArena, we might actually be looking at the final product.

According to PhoneArena, they claim to have gotten images of the Galaxy Note 5. Now these images are actually renderings created by case manufacturer Venus, who supposedly based the design on how the phone actually looks like. It is possible that they might simply be speculating, but Venus got it right with the Galaxy S6 earlier this year, so chances are they could be right again.

From what we can tell, the Galaxy Note 5 looks pretty sleek. It’s impossible to tell if it will be made from glass and metal like the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, but from what we can tell it looks pretty good as it is. The placement of the camera and the flash is consistent with the earlier renderings, and the rest of the phone seems to look more or less like the Galaxy S6 in terms of placement of speakers, buttons, and etc.

However like we said, these designs might simply be based on speculation and guess work, but hopefully it isn’t because we are liking what we see. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to find out the official details, so check back with us at a later date for more updates.

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