note_5_stylusAccording to a recent report in which the alleged rendering of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was revealed, it was speculated that due to the design of the phone that Samsung could include some kind of auto-ejecting mechanism for the stylus of the phone. Considering Samsung had a patent for a similar idea, it didn’t really seem like a stretch.

However according to even more recent reports, it turns out the rumor might not be true after all. The new reports come from South Korea where they were reportedly tipped off by anonymous insiders. These insiders claim that stylus removal mechanism will remain the same as before, but will sport a sealed back and will employ a similar design as the Samsung Galaxy S6.

This means that while we might be treated to a sleeker and more premium device, battery removal may no longer be possible. That being said this is only a rumor at this point in time, just like the previous report. There’s no way of telling if it is true, although we have to admit we did like the idea of an auto-ejecting stylus.

In any cast last we heard, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 could skip IFA 2015 in September in lieu of an earlier launch in August. It has been suggested that this is because Samsung wants to get the leg up on Apple whose iPhone announcements are usually scheduled in September as well.

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