You might recall last week we reported on an interesting albeit novel invention in the form of a bed that can catapult its sleeper. The idea is that it will be a good way to wake up heavy sleepers who have the tendency to sleep through alarm clocks. After all we’re pretty sure that once ejected they’d be pretty damn awake.

Now last week its inventor Colin Furze showed up the prototype which was basically the bed frame and promised that a demonstration would be shown off this week, and true to his word a demonstration video has recently been uploaded onto YouTube (you can check it out above). Furze told the folks at Mashable that it took him two weeks to build it and that it apparently worked on the first try.

Furze also adds, “Anyone who could still stay asleep when this goes off is not human.” Basically for those who missed out on Furze’s preview last week, the bed will come with an air compressor underneath it that will be used to help launch the sleeper from their dreams. However prior to that, there will flashing blue lights that will serve as a warning of what’s to come.

So far it seems relatively safe as the ejection is quite slow, although Furze does push it to its limits by cranking out more pressure from the air compressor. Obviously there are no plans to sell this invention but it’s a pretty cool and fun idea nonetheless.

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