hulu_logo-580x283Hulu’s price of $8 a month is relatively affordable especially when you consider that some of Hulu’s rival services out there cost more. However the downside is that just like regular TV, you will have to sit through some ads (although probably not as much). If you’re not a fan of the ads, it seems that you will have the option of disabling it in the future.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, they claim that people familiar with the matter have told them that Hulu is reportedly planning an ad-free streaming option in the future which could launch as early as this fall. The codename of the upcoming service is dubbed NOAH which stands for “No Ads Hulu”.

This will continue to be a subscription-based service and will actually cost more, which we suppose is fair since the service will now be supported primarily through subscriptions alone, not ads. If the rumors are to be believed, Hulu is expected to raise the prices to about $12-14 a month, which is about $4-6 more than what subscribers are paying at the moment.

That being said despite rumors of this option being in the works, internally it seems that there are some at Hulu who don’t agree with the idea, believing that it could potentially cannibalize the lower tier, but what do you guys think of this ad-free idea? Would you be willing to pay 50% more for an ad-free option? Or would you just jump ship to Netflix already?

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