apple music streaming qualityWhen watching YouTube on cellular data, video quality is usually downgraded so that the videos load faster and so that it eats up less data. After all streaming at 480p is definitely less data intensive than streaming at 1080p. The same applies to Apple Music where a higher quality bitrate is used on WiFi, and a lower-quality one is used on cellular.

However with iOS 9, it looks like Apple is giving users the choice. As you can see in the screenshots above courtesy of AppleInsider, with iOS 9 there is now the option of choosing to enable higher quality streams over cellular. Of course this will result in more data being consumed and potentially more battery being used up as well, but at least Apple is giving users the option.

Prior to this Apple Music listeners would have to make do with either quality depending on what kind of connection they were hooked up to. Apple also provided a warning message to users about this option which reads, “This will use more cellular data and songs may take longer to start playing.”

Like we said this is currently an option only available in the latest iOS 9 beta. Presumably it will eventually be released alongside the final release of iOS 9 which is expected later this fall, so do check back with us then for the details.

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