iPhone-6s-Bagues-Photos-2If there is one annoying flaw on the iPhone 6 that many do not seem to be too pleased about, it would be the protruding camera lens. Granted while the lens cover is made from sapphire and is relatively scratch-resistant, it just seems like unnecessary risk if you know what we mean. Of course slapping on a case will deal with that in a second, but what if you didn’t want to use a case?

Now unfortunately it seems that if you were hoping that Apple would somehow address this design issue in the upcoming iPhone 6s, you might be disappointed. According to recent photos obtained by Nowhereelse.fr, it seems that the protruding lens is here to stay, at least as far as the iPhone 6s is concerned.

The photos are allegedly the components for Apple’s upcoming smartphone as you can see in the image to the right. It does not look like much has changed but then again, Apple has typically kept the designs of its “S” smartphones the same as its predecessor, save for the iPhone 5s which saw the introduction of a new color and Touch ID, but the overall design was still the same.

In any case take it with a grain of salt for now but like we said, it’s unlikely that Apple will surprise us all with a flushed camera lens for the iPhone 6s, but if that was never really an issue for you to begin with then we suppose it’s not a big deal.

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