Fighter jets are very impressive machines, the true embodiment of man and machine. Naturally skilled pilots can make these jets do so much more than what we perceive to be possible, besides, unlike passenger planes these jets are designed to operate under very difficult conditions and in extreme circumstances. This means that every now and then the person inside the cockpit can have a little fun with it, like this MiG-29 pilot did by launching into an amazing looking vertical takeoff.


The video shows a Polish Air Force MiG-29 during what appears to be a regular takeoff roll until the pilot decides to go into a vertical takeoff, which you must admit looks way cooler than a regular takeoff.

According to the person who posted this video on YouTube this vertical takeoff was part of the show at the Royal International Air Tattoo which recently concluded.

For those who know little about this jet, the MiG-29 has been on the scene since the 1970s and is still widely used by various air forces around the world, even for stunts like getting breathtakingly close to the open door of a cargo plane.

Do take the time out to watch this video, if you like everything related to planes then you’re going to love this video. Not to be outdone by these flashy military jets, Boeing also demonstrated recently that its 787 Dreamliner is also capable of performing a near vertical takeoff, but you’ve got to admit, this looks way cooler.

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