wii u teardownWhile Intel might be more or less the default brand when it comes to PCs, when it comes to consoles it’s a different story. In fact as it stands, the Xbox One by Microsoft is powered by an AMD CPU, and if the rumors are to be believed, it seems that AMD could also end up powering Nintendo’s next-gen console – the Nintendo NX.

The report comes from GamesBeat who suggests that there has been mounting evidence that AMD could end up supplying their processors to Nintendo for their next-gen console. This was actually teased by the company’s CFO Devinder Kumar last year when he said, “They are going to announce it and then you will find out that it is AMD’s APU that is being used in those products.”

While Kumar naturally did not name his client, some have speculated that this client could be none other than Nintendo. It has also been noted by GamesBeat that by using x86 AMD/Intel architecture, Nintendo could in theory create backwards compatibility for the Wii U, thus allowing gamers of the NX to play Wii U games as well.

In any case we suppose this report is best taken with a grain of salt for now, but like we said AMD seems to be more or less the defacto choice when it comes to consoles these days like we’ve seen in the Xbox One and PS4, so it is possible that Nintendo could turn to AMD as well.

[Image credit – iFixit]

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