nintendo-wii-u-review-1The Nintendo NX is the company’s upcoming console. Not much is known about the console at the moment, although there have been rumors that it will be powered by an AMD processor but despite that, it won’t be as powerful as the competition. Then again Nintendo has never really been known to chase specs so that doesn’t really come as a surprise.


However according to a new report from Digi-Capital (via VG247), it seems that Nintendo could take a novel approach to the console by incorporating virtual reality technology. That being said this won’t be your traditional VR setup where Nintendo will design a special VR headset for the console. Instead Digi-Capital believes that Nintendo will leverage its partnership with DeNA to create virtual reality apps that could be used with existing devices like the Samsung VR.

Prior to this, we had heard how the Nintendo NX would surprise everyone and the inclusion of VR technology would no doubt be a huge surprise. However we should point out that Digi-Capital is simply speculating on the possibility and that there is no confirmation that the Nintendo NX will sport such technology.

In any case Nintendo has been mum on the NX console, claiming that if they were to reveal too much too early, competitors might steal their ideas. The console has been rumored for a 2016 launch so perhaps we will learn more then. In the meantime, yay or nay to VR tech?

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