Star Trek fans will immediately recognize the iconic sci-fi show’s Communicator which has up till now only been a prop on a TV show, but it’s going to serve a real purpose very soon. It has been confirmed that the Star Trek Communicator will be released as a Bluetooth accessory so you’ll be able to use it with your Bluetooth enabled smartphone. It has been manufactured by The Wand Company and will make its first debut at the San Diego Comic-Con later this week.


The Star Trek Communicator for your smartphone is also filled with authentic sounds from the Star Trek series as well as conversation fragments which will certainly make for interesting conversations among friends, particularly if they’re all Star Trek fans.

The Wand Company says that it used structured-light 3D scanning to ensure that every curve and line of the original Communicator was preserved.


It hasn’t been detailed precisely how one would go about making a call with this accessory but the company says that answering a connected smartphone is as simple as flipping open the antenna grille.

The Star Trek Communicator Bluetooth accessory is now available for pre-order from the Star Trek shop for $149.95 but don’t expect it to arrive soon, shipping won’t begin until January 2016.

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