tab-s-proWhen it comes to a consumer electronics manufacturer like Samsung, you know for sure that they have a whole slew of devices available to consumers, ranging from home appliances to smartphones and other items. They have also been on a pretty decent run where tablets are concerned, but it is not likely that they will usurp the iPad anytime soon, and the same applies for all of the other hardware manufacturers in the market. Well, it seems that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S Pro has been mentioned in passing earlier this year, but other than that, there has been scant details on it – until now, that is, where word has gotten out that Samsung has already filed to register the Tab S Pro name in their home country, South Korea.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S Pro is tipped to come with a Super AMOLED display of at least 12” in size – and it could very well be larger. This would definitely come in handy in both business and educational sectors, although the general consumer would most probably balk at the size – and hopefully, it will also have a battery life that will make it worth your while.

Who knows? The Galaxy Tab S Pro might actually be a pre-emptive strike against Apple as there has also been rumors of a 12.9” Apple iPad Pro in the pipeline. Well, only time will tell as to what other kinds of hardware specifications can we find underneath the hood of the Galaxy Tab S Pro, so do play the patience card well.

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