the_leagueBy now we’re sure many of you guys have heard of dating apps such as Tinder, where you put your profile online and people can swipe left/right if they dislike/like your profile. Tinder is pretty much open to just about anybody, but it seems that a new dating app called The League wants to change that by catering to the elite.

So how does The League know whether or not you’re worthy of using their app? Basically it relies on an algorithm that scans your LinkedIn profile to determine what it is you do with your life, thus selecting only those who the algorithm deems worthy. Now before you get too excited and want to join this elite dating pool, note that the wait list has about a 100,000 people.

The service apparently only allows a few users in everyday at 5pm since they want to ensure that the male to female ratio stands at 50:50. Alternatively users can cut the queue, but only if they have received an invite from a VIP user, who is basically someone who is having a lot of success using the app.

The service also throws parties for its VIP guests and claims to have even gotten users to sign contracts claiming that they will not use any other dating app. Like we said it does sound very elitist but if you think you have what it takes to make the cut, go ahead and sign up for it.

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