tinder celebrityFor those who have used Tinder, we’re sure at some point in time you must have come across someone using a photo of a celebrity as their profile photo. Heck, their name might also be that of the celebrity, but given that this is the internet, can you really trust what you see? Well thankfully just like what Twitter and Facebook has done, Tinder will now feature verified celebrity profiles.


Given that celebrities are human too and probably are out and about looking for love, companionship, or friendship, it is entirely possible that they are using Tinder too. However with the verified accounts, you will now know if the profile you are looking at is the real deal. As you can see in the screenshot above, verified accounts will now have a blue checkmark against them.

This is a pretty cool feature and it might be a good way for you to show off to you and your friends in the event that you and that celebrity match! In the meantime in other Tinder news, a developer called T3 has recently released an Apple Watch app in which it will use your heart rate, measured by the Apple Watch, to determine if you like a person’s profile or not. Such is the world we live in where even our online dating has been somewhat automated.

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