Twitter has launched a new artificial intelligence group and is currently seeking experts to staff it with, the idea is to improve automatic content understanding in order to better personalize the microblogging service for its more than 300 million worldwide users. This new group will also enable Twitter to remain in the artificial intelligence race that’s already hotly contested by the likes of Facebook and Google.


Twitter’s artificial intelligence group is called Cortex and it will be staffed with architecture and systems software engineers who are going to work on “Deep Learning,” which is a specialized branch of artificial intelligence.

Better automatic content understanding will improve the automatic labeling of the plethora of content that gets shared by users on the microblogging service every single day.

Since the sheer volume of the tweets, photos, links, music and much more that’s shared on Twitter display is too high it can be challenging to surface relevant content for users automatically, hence the need for Twitter to invest in artificial intelligence.

Moreover this effort may help Twitter ignite growth once again as artificial intelligence would aid in creation of powerful new features and products which could go a long way to plug the stalling growth that has been irking the microblogging service.

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