ashley-madisonAs you might have heard, the team behind the Ashley Madison hack made good on their promise and has uploaded all the stolen data onto the dark web. Now for those who are curious about who is on Ashley Madison, and want to check to see if their partner might have used it, or maybe if you want to see if your email got leaked too, the database is now searchable.

According to a report from Wired, this is thanks to Trustify who launched a website where users can enter an email address to see if it is in the database. Who is Trustify, you ask? Basically they are an internet investigation service tailored to those who might be suspicious of their partners and if they might be having an affair behind their back.

Now we should note that this searchable database is like opening a can of worms that you just can’t put back. Of course if your search doesn’t turn up anything, you can probably breathe a sigh of relief, but like we said, is that really a door you want to be opening? That being said, it seems that the tool is proving to be very popular.

According to Trustify’s Danny Boice, he claims that they are getting about one search per second, and that there are just as many men using the tool as there are women. “We are getting an even number of men who were using Ashley Madison coming to us to do damage assessment as we are spouses who suspect they are being cheated on.”

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