Driving while drunk is a bad idea and everyone knows that, but what about cycling home while drunk? Granted that a bike probably won’t be able to run into pedestrians and hurt them the same way that a car will, it will still hurt. It could also see cyclists veer off their path and into ditches, or into oncoming traffic where they themselves will end up injured.

This is why if you are a cyclist or knows anyone who is a cyclist, this breathalyzer bike lock dubbed the Alcoho-Lock might be of interest to you. As its name suggests, this is a lock for your bicycle that will only unlock itself when it detects that you have not been drinking, or at least have a blood alcohol level below the legal limit.

The concept works similar to breathalyzers found in cars that will only allow the engine to start if you are deemed capable of driving. The lock is designed by Japanese firm KOOWHO and will go even further by ratting on you to friends and family members if it detects that you’re drunk and you’re trying to unlock your bike to ride home.

Other than that, the lock itself is pretty standard and will help to keep your bike safe from thieves (hopefully). It will not come cheap as it is priced at a whopping $250, but if you think that the $250 is worth the price of keeping yourself or someone you know from riding home drunk, head on over to its website for the details.

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