ios 9 siriHave you ever accidentally been the recipient or initiated a “butt dial”, where basically you accidentally call someone while your phone is in your pocket? Sometimes it can be humorous, sometimes it can be embarrassing, and sometimes it might actually save a life, as one young man found out quite recently.

According to a report from Fox 17, it seems that an 18-year old was working under his truck when it fell on top of him. Unfortunately his arms were pinned in the process so not only could he not push his way out, but he could not reach into his pocket to get his phone to call for help either.

The teen reportedly tried yelling for help but to no avail, when suddenly he heard the familiar sound of Siri being activated. It turns out that by pushing himself up with his hip had somehow depressed the home button on his iPhone where it activated Siri. From there he managed to dial emergency services where they were finally dispatched and managed to save him.

While Siri has gotten a fair bit of flak in the past for not being able to understand its users, or misinterpreting what they are saying, we have to wonder if this young man is glad that Siri managed to successfully come through for him that day?

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