A couple of months back Microsoft demonstrated its hologram projecting device that it called HoloLens. It has been on a few outings with Microsoft since then but the company has not yet provided it to developers. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has said that “V1” of HoloLens will be shipped to developers at some point in 2016. He says that this first version of this device is going to be primarily geared towards enterprises and developers.

Nadella revealed this during a video interview with the BBC earlier this week, saying that the first developer version of HoloLens is going to be shipped to developers “within the next year.”

The Microsoft CEO also pointed out that HoloLens is a “five year journey” which basically means that it’s going to take a lot of time before you’re able to walk into your favorite retailer and pick up a HoloLens.

For now Nadella is not pushing any major commercial use cases for this rather unique device and is firm on the company’s aim to provide the first version to developers and enterprises.

However Nadella doesn’t rule out other uses for the device, he said during the interview that HoloLens will support more commercial use cases as the product continues to evolve over the coming months and years.

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