DJI today launched the DJI Phantom 3 Standard done, this is a relatively cheaper offering from the company that also sells the Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional for $999 and $1,250 respectively. DJI is one of the most popular consumer drone manufacturers out there and its products do tend to do well in the market but it remains to be seen if many customers go for the Phantom 3 Standard when it offers less features than the Phantom 3 Advanced even though it’s just $200 cheaper.

Since you’re saving $200 with this drone you don’t get some of the features that are present on the Phantom 3 such as the downward-facing camera, LightBridge video downlink and it’s not even capable of connecting to the GLONASS satellite positioning system. Given that it doesn’t have LightBridge downlink the Phantom 3 standard can’t be used for live streaming video from the drone.

It does offer better features if you compare it against the DJI Vision 2+ which costs $699 because the Phantom 3 Standard has better range, longer battery life and a better camera than that drone. Plus there’s the improved flight controller and an integrated remote which eliminates the need for a Wi-Fi range extender.

DJI Phantom 3 Standard costs $799, only $200 less than the Phantom 3 Advanced. If you’re in a situation where $200 doesn’t break the bank the Advanced will certainly be the drone to go with.

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