ea access

Electronic Arts launched a new service called EA Access last year where subscribers pay a monthly free to get access to a vault of free games as well as exclusive previews of upcoming EA titles. This service is only available on the Xbox One and back then Sony said the reason why it won’t be offered for PlayStation 4 is because it just wouldn’t represent “good value” to the PlayStation gamer to pay $5 per month for all this. Those who wish for it to arrive on the PS4 take not: looks like EA Access for PlayStation 4 may remain a pipedream after all.

During an interview with GameSpot EA COO Peter Moore was asked if EA Access would be launched for PlayStation 4 at some point in the future. His response: “Doesn’t matter,” adding that “It’s on Xbox One, and those customers love it.”

When the interviewer tried to press Moore on the issue by saying that business would be better if it was open to PS4 he didn’t exactly bite, reiterating that it’s doing good on the Xbox One and that “there’s not much left for me to say.”

Moore was asked if EA has an exclusivity deal with Microsoft for Access but he simply referred to what Sony has said about this service in the past, that asking PlayStation gamers to pay $5 per month for an EA-specific program will represent good value.

For the looks of this it looks like the ball rests more in Sony’s court, if it does come to see the value in this perhaps it can work something out with EA to bring Access to the PlayStation 4. Until that happens perhaps it will be futile to keep your fingers crossed.

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