megayarnyoshiNintendo has always had the penchant for coming up with something quirky that is strangely appealing, too. In fact, one of their more recent “moves” in the market would be the release of the amiibo figurines, which has been speculated to net Nintendo approximately $1 billion in sales, now how about that? Not only that, it was in May earlier this year that Nintendo issued an apology for the shortage of amiibo figurines, with promises of improvement in the supply chain thrown into the mix for good measure. Well, it looks like the amiibo craze is about to get even larger, with the Mega Yarn Yoshi being in the pipeline.


Wii U platform. It can also activate the "Double Yoshi" feature in Yoshi's Wooly World, come up with an A.I. fighter in Super Smash Bros. or net you a sweet Mii costume in Mario Kart 8. The asking price? $39.99 a pop when it rolls out this November 15th.

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