microsoft__logoMicrosoft’s Internet Explorer has gotten a lot of flak over the years, despite the more recent versions actually being rather decent. So much so that Microsoft actually rebranded their built-in Windows browser to Edge in an attempt to start deflecting some of that negative connotation away from their browser software.


That being said, if you have yet to upgrade to Windows 10 and aren’t using the Edge browser yet, there is a patch you might want to download and apply ASAP. Microsoft has recently started pushing out an emergency patch that will patch a vulnerability in Internet Explorer that could potentially lead to remote code execution on your computer.

This vulnerability exploits a flaw in how the browser hands objects in memory. Thankfully the exploit was discovered by Google security research Clement Lecigne, meaning that there is a good chance it was discovered before hackers were to seriously take advantage of it. The patch will apply all versions of Windows that runs Internet Explorer, but for those on Windows 10 with the Edge browser, you guys are safe.

In a statement issued by Microsoft, “We recommend customers use Windows 10 and the Microsoft Edge browser for the best protection. Today, Microsoft released Security Bulletin MS15-093 to further protect customer devices from security vulnerabilities affecting Internet Explorer. Microsoft Edge was not affected.”

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