Many of you might know about Tile, it’s basically a tracker that you can attach to things like keyrings, wallets, gadgets etc to easily locate them when you just can’t seem to remember where you last put them. MYNT is a similar gadget that’s said to be the world’s thinnest tracker/remote, its quite like the Tile in its core feature but unlike Tile it happens to have an open SDK.

MYNT measures in at just 1/8-inch / 3.5mm thick, the body is crafted from stainless steel and made using the same anodizing process as the iPhone 6, and since it can attach to almost anything it lets you track almost anything.

Also like Tile, MYNT relies upon its community of users to locate lost items. It can also double as a remote control and can be used for playing music, making presentations and even for taking selfies.

Developers can use MYNT with their own applications because it comes with an open SDK and thus users get more functionality with this product then they get from Tile.

A crowdfunding campaign has begun to bring MYNT to mass production, the lowest pledge that can reserve a unit for you right now is $15 plus shipping. Deliveries are expected to begin by November this year.

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