nipper charger 2Portable chargers are great if you plan on being out all day and need some extra juice. However they can be bulky and heavy and bringing them out with you all day might not be ideal in some situations. This is where the Nipper might be of interest to you. The Nipper is a Kickstarter project for what its creators are calling the world’s smallest phone charger.

As you can see in the photos, the Nipper is small enough where you can fit it onto a keychain, and if you’re wondering how on earth does a device that small charge a smartphone? Interestingly enough it does not rely on lithium-ion, which is what most smartphones batteries are made of. Instead it relies on a simple pair of AA batteries.

nipper chargerWhat this means is that if you’re in an absolute pinch and need to charge your phone, heading to a convenience store or a supermarket means you can pick up a pair of AA batteries for a relatively small fee, thus giving you enough juice to power your phone. According to its creators, they estimate that a pair of AA batteries should give you enough power for about 3 hours of talk time.

The Nipper is not the first of its kind. Last year we saw a similar device called the Oivo that also relied on AA batteries to charge smartphones, but if you prefer the Nipper then head on over to its Kickstarter page and pledge your support.

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