tesla-model-sA report from earlier this year that suggested that Apple had an electric/self-driving car in the works also revealed that Apple was trying to convince Tesla’s employees to jump ship. At that time Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk revealed that he wasn’t too fussed and welcomed the competition, claiming that Tesla was actually hiring more Apple employees than Apple was poaching theirs.

However according to a new report from AppleInsider, they claim that Apple’s hiring of Tesla employees has gotten so bad to the point where it has actually affected the development of cars at Tesla. In fact one of the cars that could be affected by this is the Tesla Model 3 which last we heard, was due for a launch in 2017.

However AppleInsider’s sources claim that because of Apple’s aggressive hiring, it is possible that the Model 3 could be further delayed. In fact it was just last month that we had heard reports that more Tesla employees had jumped ship to Apple. Of course whether or not they jumped ship to work on an electric/self-driving car, or to work on something else completely unrelated is anyone’s guess.

In fact we have not even heard any kind of confirmation that building a car of their own is something that Apple is interested in. Take it with a grain of salt for now, but hopefully for the sake of would-be Model 3 customers that there won’t be any additional delays.

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