Google scored a hit with its first Chromecast streaming stick which was released in 2013, the HDMI dongle has sold millions of units across the globe and people had high hopes from the second-generation Chromecast. Google unveiled the all new Chromecast today, it gets a new design as well as faster Wi-Fi. Google also introduced another Chromecast product today that makes streaming music to conventional speakers very easy.


Like its predecessor the new Chromecast also plugs into a TV through the HDMI port and then allows users to mirror or cast content from their mobile devices and PCs.


The design has been updated, Chromecast is now round like a disc with a long bendable HDMI arm extending from it, the device is no longer a stick like before.Google explains that this helps Chromecast hang further away from the TV and other devices plugged into the back so as to reduce interference.

Chromecast also gets colorful as it’s no longer only available in black, the new one comes in bright red, black and lemon yellow, though colors might not appeal that much to users since the device is meant to hide behind the TV anyway.

Under the hood there’s now support for faster Wi-Fi, 802.11ac and 5GHz support is onboard with three separate antennas for improved Wi-Fi streaming, the predecessor only had one.Chromecast also gets a new feature called Fast Play, it pre-fetches apps and content that it believes the user will want to watch before they hit play.

The new Chromecast is available for purchase starting today in 17 countries throughGoogle’s online store, it retains the $35 price tag.

The Chromecast application has been totally re-designed, check the demo video below to see how it works now:

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