fb notificationsOne of the perks of using apps like the Facebook app is that you get to receive notifications when someone tags you, replies your comment, comments on your photo, and etc. However receiving such notifications while browsing Facebook in your Chrome app on Android affords no such functionality, at least until now.


It has been revealed that Chrome users on Android can now opt to enable notifications for Facebook. What does this mean? Basically this means that even if you were to use the mobile web version of Facebook on your phone, you can still receive notifications of events just like you would with the app version.

This will come in handy for many users who might opt to not download the app, either due bandwidth constraints or if they’d rather not be bothered by notifications. This third-party push notifications API was actually announced by Google back in April, but at that time they only pointed at websites like eBay or Vice News who had bothered to implement the feature.

However with this report, it looks like Facebook has decided to hop on board as well. Now chances are you might have the Facebook app already installed so this might not be a feature for you, but for those who didn’t, you might want to keep an eye out for this.

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