microsoft-hololens-hands-on-04If you’re a gamer looking to advantage of the Microsoft HoloLens for gaming, chances are you might have to wait until 2020 before you can get your hands on it. However if you’re an enterprise user or a developer, your turn might come a lot sooner than everyone else. In fact 2016 is the year to look out for.


This is according to a report from Re/code in which a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed to them that the HoloLens is expected to make its way into the hands of developers and enterprise users within the next year. For those wondering what the HoloLens might be used for in the enterprise sector, there are plenty of uses for it.

For example the Google Glass, which is sort of like an augmented reality device, has found a new lease on life amongst industrial workers. Through the use of Google Glass, these industrial workers can pull up information like manuals, printed instructions, shipping information, and etc. without having to carrying those information around with them on pieces of paper.

We can only imagine that the same can be done with the HoloLens. The advantage to such a setup is that users won’t need to run back to the office to grab more documents as updated information can be fetched on the fly, assuming they’re stored digitally.

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