Kids these days are lucky enough to have been born into a world where fast, always-on, and relatively stable internet is a part of their lives. However some of us were born at a time when the internet was first conceived, and where we had to use dial-up connections in order to get online. Heck, there are still parts of the world where dial-up is still being used.

That being said, a recent video has made its way online in which it shows kids using dial-up internet for the first time. Safe to say that many were shocked by the way the modems sounded when dialing out, with some likening the sound to screams, while others thought it sounded rather robotic.

Some of the children also expressed that they would be unhappy if they had to use dial-up internet, and we suppose we can feel their pain. How many of you guys remember the line disconnecting when someone picked up the phone? Or when you needed to use the phone only to pick it up and get your ear blasted with internet noise?

Either way we have definitely come a long way. If you want to feel old, some other videos worth checking out include kids reacting to the original iPod, the original Game Boy, a typewriter, and the rotary phone.

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