Today we are living in a world where smartphones are able to act as our music players, internet browsers, storage devices, cameras, phones, and more. However back in the day, we would turn to dedicated devices like the iPod just to listen to music. That being said, how would kids react if you were to give them the original iPod?

That’s what the folks at the Fine Brothers decided to find out. In their latest video, they gave kids the first ever iPod created. The device was launched back in 2001 meaning that it is more than a decade old. The original iPod while considered somewhat revolutionary back then, was big, bulky, and heavy.

In fact some of the kids compared it to a cinder block, while others thought it was an old phone, a video player, or even a camera. They were amazed at how thick it was that it could stand on its own when propped upright. When asked to try and navigate to songs to play, the kids were even more amazed by the fact that it did not have a touchscreen.

They were also a bit disappointed by the fact that it did not feature built-in speakers, meaning that they had to actually put on headphones to listen to their music. Safe to say if you grew up with the original iPod, this video will make you feel pretty old.

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