ms_vr_kitWith the announcement of the HoloLens earlier this year, it would seem to suggest that Microsoft is more interested in augmented reality than virtual reality, despite other companies like Facebook, HTC, Samsung, Sony, and Google venturing into the virtual reality field, but could Microsoft be having a change of heart?

It would seem that way because over in Russia, Microsoft has launched a website in which it promotes an upcoming hackathon in the country. The hackathon will also involve virtual reality thanks to a Microsoft creation called the VR Kit, which from what we can tell is basically Microsoft’s take on Google Cardboard.

For those unfamiliar, Google Cardboard is basically a smartphone mount that users can hold to their faces and experience virtual reality thanks to certain apps. From what we can tell based on Microsoft’s website, the VR Kit is following a similar approach. The upside to this is that the mounts are cheap and anyone can put one together.

That being said it also seems like the VR Kit is aimed at Windows users and owners of Lumia handsets, which we guess does not really come as a surprise. No word on whether or not the VR Kit will ever make its way stateside, but if anything it does seem to suggest that Microsoft is keen to explore the virtual reality scene.

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