new-amiibosIt is very much like Nintendo to come up with an idea that can be sold many times over, as well as keeping one’s interest in a character or game going several console generations down the road. Well, it seems that the amiibo madness is not going to end anytime soon, as amiibo collectors who happen to reside in North America will be able to pick up some of the more rare amiibos, thanks to a new round of restocks that are making their way to that part of the world.


Some of the rarer amiibos will include the likes of Little Mac, Captain Falcon, Fox, Greninja and Shulk, at least according to Nintendo of America’s announcement on Twitter. All of these five amiibo figures will be restocked at “select retailers soon,” and one can only guess as to how soon that will be, taking into account that this is a relative word. Out of the five amiibo figures, three of them were introduced as retailer exclusives earlier on – Shulk at GameStop/EB Games, Greninja at Toys R Us, and Lucario at Toys R Us as well, so it remains to be seen whether a similar arrangement will hold this time around. Perhaps when these get discontinued one day, they might end up as a card version.

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