hackWhat we’ve seen so far with regards to hacks is that they are usually discovered when it is too late and the information has been stolen. This isn’t to say that there aren’t security measures in place, but when hackers exploit loopholes and vulnerability that can go around these security measures, there’s little to be done about except learn from the mistakes.

Unfortunately there are some things where it might dangerous to allow a hack to even happen once. So much so that the Pentagon has recently announced that they will begin exploring an electronic system that can deal with security flaws. While the initial data entry will be done by hand to identify flaws and prioritize them based on threat, the goal is to ultimately create an automated system.

This automated system will then be able to detect infiltration attempts and will be able to notify cyber response team who will then attempt to stop the hack before any damage is done. Speaking to Reuters, Air Force Lieutenant General Kevin McLaughlin states that a framework agreement should be reached within months, with the goal of launching it in 2016.

The initial emphasis will be placed on the greatest threats, including those from 30 years ago. McLaughlin states, “There’s probably not enough money in the world to fix all those things, but the question is what’s most important, where should we put our resources as we eat the elephant one bite at a time.”

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