How often have we seen movies where those characters can control their cars via gadget worn on their wrist? If you thought that was cool, you’re in luck because Viper has recently launched a smartwatch app called the SmartStart that will allow you to do just that. The app is also compatible with both the Apple Watch and Android Wear, making it more accessible.

According to Frank DeMartin, SVP of Product Development and Engineering at Viper, “Have your watch guide you to your car. Tap your wrist to unlock your doors. Say the word and your engine starts. Wearable technology has the potential to connect drivers to their cars like never before. Viper SmartStart 4.0 capitalizes on that potential and offers drivers unprecedented control of their vehicle, whether they’re using a smartwatch or smartphone.”

However there is a catch. The catch is that you will need to install Viper’s car system in your vehicle for it to work. The upside is that the company claims that it will be compatible with most vehicles, so there is a good chance your car could be eligible for the upgrade. This is versus other systems that are manufacturer-only.

For example in the past we’ve seen systems offered by Volvo and Hyundai that have similar features, but like we said they were limited to certain models. If you’d like to learn more about Viper and maybe to get a quote for your car, hit up its website for the details.

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