If you’re walking about the city and you want to cross the street, just press the button and wait for the greenlight. It’s pretty standard and for the most part we don’t think too much about it. However recently there have been some who are interested in jazzing things up, like over in Germany where you can play a game of Pong while waiting for the lights to turn green.


Now over in Los Angeles, artist Alfredo Adán has also tried to spice things up by creating a mold shaped in a fist and attaching it over the crosswalk button. Essentially what happens is that in order to press the button, you will have to give it a fist bump. It’s not a particularly hi-tech hack but the act of giving a fist bump could help improve your day.

Maybe it’s a friendly gesture to you, or maybe it’s an act of camaraderie, but either way the idea is for you to feel good about it. Now there are some who claim that the buttons on crosswalks don’t actually do anything. Some claim that they’re actually placebos meant to make us think that we’re in control.

Whether or not you buy into that theory is entirely up to you, but if you’re in Los Angeles and want a little pick me up, then you’ll want to keep an eye out for these fist bump crosswalk buttons. In the meantime have any of our readers from Los Angeles spotted these fist bump buttons during their time out on the streets?f giving a fist bump could help improve your day.

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