apple musicWith Apple Music being relatively young, the fact that it managed to attract 15 million subscribers at the start was pretty impressive. However given that the first batch of free trials has officially come to an end, the true measure of Apple Music’s staying power and appeal remains to be seen.

Analysts had predicted back then that they expected at least half of the initial batch of subscribers to continue paying for the service, but as it turns out they were pretty close. Speaking at a conference organized by The Wall Street Journal, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook revealed that Apple Music currently has about 6.5 million paid subscribers.

While we can’t say for sure how many users took part in the first batch of free trials, 6.5 million is a pretty impressive figure all the same. Cook went on to state that there are about 8.5 million more customers who are participating in the trial, some of which will no doubt go on to keep their subscriptions to Apple’s music service.

According to Cook, “I’m really happy about it, and I think the runway here is really good.” As it stands, last we checked Spotify was boasting over 20 million paid subscribers, meaning that Apple has quite a lot of catching up to do. Whether or not they will catch up to Spotify or if Spotify will widen the gap remains to be seen, but in the meantime any of our readers kept their Apple Music subscriptions?

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