battletechYou know for sure that the world of gaming is not going to die off anytime soon, and despite all of the staple genres that are in the market at the moment, there is always a desire for something new, or perhaps something fresh. Well, the BattleTech strategy that kicked off as a crowdfunding project has achieved its $1 million funding goal – and taking less than an hour to do so, now how about that? It now remains to be seen how fast Harebrained Schemes will take in order to touch the $2.5 million funding mark so that all of the bonuses will be part of the final release.

This just goes to show the thirst for a real and honest BattleTech title ever since the MechCommander games were released on the PC platform. Hence, to see a turn-based strategy game that is set in the universe of this classic sci-fi franchise, there was no turning back. Without the crowdfunding support, Harebrained Schemes felt confident that they could come up with a “base” simulation experience, as players worked on building up a team of four customizable Mechs, going up against other AI opponents in turn-based skirmishes. As for the game’s rules, it will be based on the rulesets for the tabletop role-playing and wargames. Hopefully it will not end up delayed like Mighty No. 9, another crowdfunded title.

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