bitpaintrRemember Sonny from the movie I, Robot? That was one robot which could actually draw – or sketch a scene, or memory so fast, while using a minimal amount of lead. Didn’t you find it weird that the pencil he used did not need to be sharpened despite drawing so many lines at such a high speed in a matter of seconds? Now that’s magic, not science. Still, we have instances of real world robots drawing portraits, albeit at a far slower speed compared to the fictional Sonny, but it is a start. Here is a Kickstarter campaign for bitPaintr, a robot that relies on artificial intelligence (AI) to complete portraits.


It will not only sketch portraits, but actually paint them in an artistic manner. Pindar Van Arman is the person behind the bitPaintr project, where he has been a painter for most of his life but decided to work on painting robots recently. His art will be the form, function, and design of his machines, as well as the algorithms that power them.

Uploaded photos to a particular website will see bitPaintr get to work with a brush on canvas. It will be a combination of the robot’s own artificial intelligence and Arman’s artistic direction when it comes to churning out a portrait, and upon completion, the canvas will be mailed over to the person who placed the order – i.e., uploaded the photo.

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