So we have modular smartphones like Project Ara, so why not modular smartwatches? If you agree, you might recall that several months ago we brought word that there was a modular smartwatch in the works called Blocks. Now if you want to get your hands on the device, you’re in luck because come October 13, its creators will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for it.

The idea is to raise enough money to help make Blocks a reality. For those who are hearing about Blocks for the first time, it is a smartwatch. However unlike the other smartwatches out there, Blocks is modular meaning that users will be able to add or remove components depending on what they need.

For example if you’re after a smartwatch with more fitness-related features, you will be able to add a GPS tracker, a heart rate monitor, and so on. However if you’re done with that and want something more fashionable, you can swap those out for something else. It’s a very interesting and unique idea and hopefully it is a wearable that can fit all the needs of various users out there.

So far what we know about the device is that it will be Android-powered and according to a recent announcement by the company, the device will also be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset. Check out the video above for more details and remember to look out for its Kickstarter next week if you’d like to see this made a reality.

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