Current generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, can’t run games released on their predecessors if you pop in the disc. It won’t work, there’s a way to play old games on the PS4 by using the PlayStation Now game streaming service but the library is limited and the prices might not be for everyone. This is where the Xbox One gets a leg up on its rival, it will soon receive full backwards compatibility, and Burnout Paradise was believed to be the first title to take advantage of this feature.

Backwards compatibility for Xbox One was first confirmed earlier this year, the feature is expected to launch on the current generation console later this month. Now it appears that this title might be one of the over 100 Xbox 360 games that Microsoft promises will be playable on Xbox One when the feature is launched.

Unlike PlayStation Now, which is a game streaming service and not at all free, backwards compatibility essentially enables Xbox One owners to play games first released for Xbox 360 as long as they get support for the current console. There’s no need to pay a monthly subscription fee like the one PS Now charges.

Burnout Paradise will soon receive support to work on Xbox One with backwards compatibility enabled, developer Criterion Games confirmed via Twitter today, expect it to be in the list of supported titles when the feature goes live later this month.

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