auds droneFlying drones to take photos and stunning videos is a fun hobby and many great photographs and videos have been created because of that. However sometimes there are just some places where drones aren’t meant to fly over, like government facilities or the airport due to concerns about privacy and also potential danger.

In fact over in the UK to help prevent drones from flying over sensitive areas to either attack or to spy, a group of companies have come together and created a ray gun called the Anti-UAV Defense System (Auds). How it works is that it covertly jams a drone’s signal, thus rendering it unresponsive.

The term covertly is key here. Apparently it can jam the signal in such a way that the drone operator is more likely to believe that the drone has malfunctioned as opposed to being tampered with. Apart from being able to jam the drone’s signal, Auds is also able to detect drones thanks to a built-in camera that is equipped with thermal imaging capabilities, after which a high-powered radio signal will be focused on the drone and overriding it in the process.

Speaking to the BBC, Paul Taylor of Enterprise Control Systems who helped develop Auds (along with Blighter Surveillance Systems and Chess Dynamics) states, “It’s a radio signal. There are a number of frequency bands that are used by all of the manufacturers. We transmit into those frequencies in the direction of the UAV using a directional antenna. There’s quite a lot of radio power on to the UAV – so much so that it can only hear our Auds signal.”

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