Earlier this year in March, Facebook introduced a new feature called On This Day, it was meant to make you nostalgic by bringing up old memories shared on Facebook a year ago, two years ago and more. Users were able to do that previously using apps like Timehop and Facebook felt the need to offer this feature on its own, however it often brought up painful memories, memories that people might not want to remember again. Fortunately Facebook is now fixing this to let you avoid painful nostalgia.

A spokesperson for Facebook said in a statement that the social network is aware that people share a range of memories on Facebook, from celebrating joyous times like a birthday or wedding to getting support during the tough times like during a breakup or the loss of a family member.

There have been countless stories of On This Day reliving such painful memories for Facebook users, showing them interactions from the day a friend or relative passed away, and that can catch you off guard if you’re not expecting this.

Facebook has now added filters to On This Day, it lets them filter people or dates that they would rather not be reminded of by the feature. The feed from back then is first shown only to the user and then they can decide whether they want to share their memory on Facebook again. On This Day can be accessed by going to www.facebook.com/onthisday.

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