garmin smart scaleGarmin is a company that many people would probably associate with navigational devices like GPS units that are hooked up in cars. Lately the company has also been associated with fitness trackers like the recently announced Vivosmart HR, and expanding further into the health and fitness market, Garmin has announced the Index Smart Scale.


As you can see in the photo above, the Index Smart Scale is basically a weighing scale. However instead of merely measuring your weight, Index Smart Scale is able to measure other things like your body mass index, body fat percentage, water percentage, muscle mass, and bone mass, so if you want to keep track of your health, this might be worth investing in.

In fact for those who are looking to lose fat, checking your weight isn’t always the most accurate way of seeing your progress. Sometimes muscles can be built which offsets that fat that you’ve lost, so while you might actually be thinner, your weight could remain the same. By offering measurements like body fat percentage and body mass index, it will provide a more accurate way of tracking weight loss.

What makes the scale smart is that it can store multiple profiles and will know when users step on it. It also shares the information it gleaned with Garmin Connect so users can track their progress via a smartphone app. The Garmin Index Smart Scale will be priced at £129.99 and will be available from the 13th of November.

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