Live wallpapers used to be a feature that Android users would proudly show off to iOS users, claiming that this is a feature that they do not have. Of course all of this has changed now especially since live wallpapers are a battery drain and while it does have its novelty value, long-term it doesn’t do much for the phone.

However it looks like Google wants to change that. Google Creative Labs has recently launched a live wallpaper called Meter. What so different about this live wallpaper compared to the others, you ask? For starters it will be more than just looking cool. It will actually be functional meaning while it could be a bit of a battery drain, some of you guys might find that it could be worth it.

What we mean is that Meter will display a series of geometric shapes that might not make sense to you at first, but what they represent is the battery level on your phone, the strength of your cellular connection, the number of notifications you have, and so on. Sure, you could always glance at the top of your screen for those details.

However with the wallpaper displayed so prominently on your phone’s background, it would be easier to see at a glance. Now given that this is sort of like an experimental wallpaper, there is no telling if Google Creative Labs could pull it from the Play Store eventually, so if you’d like to get your hands on it before (and if) they do, head on over for the download.

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