Peri-Duo-iPhone-caseWhile the speakers on our smartphones and focus placed on audio quality of smartphones has improved over the years, safe to say that in crowded environments, don’t expect the audio from your phone’s speakers to cut through the noise. Now if you absolutely have to have louder speakers on your phone, then the Peri Duo is a case you might be interested in.

Designed for the iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus, and 6s Plus, the Peri Duo is a smartphone case that has a pair of speakers built into the back of it, as you can clearly see in the photo above. That’s not all because the case also comes with a 3,000mAh battery so not only can you listen to music and watch videos with proper audio, but you can charge the phone at the same time.

In terms of how the phone connects to the speakers, just placing the phone inside the case will do the trick. Alternatively if you’d rather have the speakers facing towards you, you can keep the phone separate from the case and connect to it either via Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity, which for the most part is pretty standard.

Interestingly enough the Peri Duo case can be daisychained. This means that thanks to a feature called Quick Link, you can broadcast across many Peri Duo speakers at once, with a maximum of  64. So if you and a couple of your friends have the case, you can look forward to louder surround sound.

The case is priced at $119 as a special introductory price. Upon its release, which has been pegged to arrive in time for Christmas, expect the price to go up to $189.

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