samsung patent arThe first iteration of Google Glass was a good idea. It has found a lot of use in various industries even though plans have been scrapped and a reboot is in order. For example factory workers can use it to display product information, shipping information, and so on. However other than overlaying information in front of the user, there’s not much else one can do with it.

However according to a recently discovered Samsung patent, it seems that Samsung could be interested in similar technology, but they might be taking it one step further. It will work on the same concept, except in Samsung’s case they will utilize augmented reality and display images in front of the user that can actually be interacted with.

As you can see in the diagram above, it shows how the glasses can show a keypad on the user’s hand, allowing them to “dial” numbers or type out messages just by tapping and gesturing the air in front of them. Other examples shown include the ability to play musical instruments like the piano.

That being said this is just a patent so there’s really no telling if Samsung will make it a reality. However Google themselves might be coming up with something similar. Recently we reported that Google had a patent that suggested similar features, and with their investment in Magic Leap, it could very well make it into the second-gen Google Glass.

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