tidalTidal is a music stream service that has been around for a while, although it was only until hip hop legend Jay Z acquired the company that it really shot to the mainstream. The angle that Tidal is marketed is meant to appeal to those who place high value in audio quality, but at the same time its pricing had put many off.

In fact reports from earlier this year suggested that the service wasn’t doing too well, which resulted in new pricing schemes and an improvement in its overall user interface to make it more appealing. That being said, it seems like those changes did not exactly help much because according to new reports, Tidal has only just managed to cross the 1 million subscriber mark.

To put this into context, Apple Music which is also relatively new to the scene has since managed to amass 6.5 million paid subscribers. Last we checked, the company was boasting 15 million subscribers overall, so for Tidal to only break past the 1 million mark certainly does say a lot about its popularity, despite the fact that it has many famous celebrities backing it.

According to Peter Alhadeff, music and business management professor at Berklee College of Music, “No one is going to join a site just because famous artists own it for the same reason that no label can succeed selling music from its own website.”

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