iphone_3d_touchIt is safe to say that the biggest new feature Apple introduced with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is 3D Touch. For those unfamiliar with the feature, basically this introduced a pressure-sensitive display to the phone, in which pressing harder will result in a different action compared to just tapping on the screen.

This opens up a wide-range of possibilities in terms of functionality and convenience, and also what apps can do with it. However according to Apple’s touch component supplier, TPK, the company’s CEO Michael Chung recently ventured an opinion in which he claims that 3D Touch will probably need a few more years in order for it to become a mainstream feature.

To a certain extent we have to agree with Chung’s assessment. After all there aren’t that many apps that are taking advantage of the feature at the moment. Many of the mainstream apps such as Instagram and Facebook have been updated with 3D Touch support, but these aren’t particularly groundbreaking uses of the feature.

That being said, despite Chung’s somewhat reserved outlook, it has not stopped the rumor mill from suggesting that pressure-sensitive displays could be a big thing in 2016. There have been rumors that companies such as Samsung will introduce the feature to their phones, but what do you guys think? Do you regard 3D Touch as a killer feature, or do you simply think that it’s a feature that’s nice to have but not entirely necessary?

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