Dominos easy orderBack in the day if you wanted to order a pizza, you’d either have to go to the restaurant and do a takeaway, or you’d have to call. However fast forward to today where technology has made our lives more convenient, there are apps and websites that let us do our ordering online, but in case you’re too lazy for that, Domino’s has the solution for you.

Dubbed the Easy Order button, as you can see in the photo above, basically this is a button that when pressed, will place an order and pay for your pizza, all without you having to go through the trouble of ordering it yourself. However the catch is that this is only possible if you live in the UK and you have a Domino’s account and a favorite order setup.

This means that if your favorite order is a large pepperoni with extra cheese and a bottle of Coke, that’s what the button will order for you. If you felt like having mushroom pizza it means that you will need to either call Domino’s or place the order via its app or website. Note that the Easy Order button isn’t available to the public just yet.

It is expected to be released in December but can only be won by a competition. The second release is expected to take place in February 2016, but in the meantime if you don’t really care about the button, there is also a digital version that can be found inside Domino’s mobile app.

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