drone-prisonDrones have certainly come under scrutiny lately, with one clumsily flying into the Seattle Great Wheel not too long ago, while the city of Chicago is considering a common sense ban of drones that fly too high for their own good, not to mention trespassing places such as private property or getting too close to an airport that might result in an aviation disaster. Well, perhaps here is some bit of good news that might win some brownie points on behalf of drones – that drone technology could be used in the detection of sharks.


Imagine using drones that have been programmed to detect sharks – these are currently being developed in Melbourne, and the NSW government wants to employ more modern technology so that beachgoers and surfers will have another piece of “armor” in their so-called defense, especially in the waters of NSW’s north coast that are notorious for the presence of sharks.

Swarm UAV, which is based in Melbourne, are working on shark spotting technology for drones, and general manager Ryan Hamlet claims that drone surveillance has a far greater promise in terms of coverage as opposed to spotting planes. Anything that can help avoid the horror of a shark attack without costing too much is always a good idea in my books.

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